Foundation Drilling

Drilled Piles (CIDH)

CIDH piles are used to support structures built on ground that is subject to movement. The piles are drilled through the unstable ground layer to more supportive substrata. Drilled piles are constructed by first drilling a shaft, then placing a steel reinforcing cage in the shaft, and finally filling it with concrete.

EH Excavation Inc. can drill piles ranging from 24" to 120" in diameter. We are equipped to construct piles for single- and multiple-family residences, high-rise buildings and bridge foundations.

Additionally, D.J. Scheffler employs the latest drilling technologies to minimize vibration during construction. Vibration may cause unstable soils to settle, thus causing damage to structures surrounding the job site.

Mini- and Micro-Piles

Mini- and micro-piles are smaller diameter than CIDH foundation piles. Nevertheless, they are capable of supporting significant foundation loads. These foundation elements are constructed similar to drilled piles, except that the reinforcement is a single steel bar as opposed to an I-beam or re-bar cage. Also, high strength grout is used to anchor and protect the steel bar instead of concrete. Typically, many micro-piles are placed in a grid beneath the structure's foundation. The tremendous surface area of the micro-pile grid provides exceptional frictional adherence to the native soil, and is the source of this system's strength.

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