Demolition Services Los Angeles

EH Excavation, Inc. offers complete demolition services including site clearing, land clearing for new construction, fire debris clean up, earthquake and disaster clean up, dismantling and recycling for commercial, residential, and government projects. We are experts at demolition sites in Southern California's densely populated areas. Wheather your jobsite needs crushing, environmental recycling, contractor cleanup, building implosion, demolition workers, explosives consultant experts, scrap metal recycling, industrial warehouse wrecking, residential home dismantlement, building strip outs, or foundation destruction, call us. Our expert team can get your job done on time and on budget.

We're demolition experts. No matter how large or small your demolition project may be, chances are that we have worked on another project like it before. We've demolished literally hundreds and hundreds (we're not sure exactly how many) of houses to make way for redevelopment here in Southern California. We've also demolished schools, banks, shopping centers, office buildings, libraries, golf courses, apartment buildings, gas stations, swimming pools, barns, hospitals, garages, and just about anything else you can think of. We demolish the small stuff (sheds, garages, driveways, swimming pools, patios, spas, fountains, walkways) and we demolish the large stuff (apartment complexes, office buildings, retail centers, libraries, etc.)


In the early days, we cleared mostly agricultural land, removing citrus groves, tree wind rows, and nut tree orchards. While we still work for farmers and ranchers, we also clear land for new home developments, for urban redevelopment projects, for commercial buildings, for streets, for schools, for golf courses, and as part of our disaster clean-up services after fires, earthquakes, etc. We perform land clearing projects from as small as one tree to as large as hundreds of acres.


EH Excavation, Inc. has successfully completed work on LEED-certified projects and projects with other types of mandated recycling / re-use / diversion requirements. We have achieved and documented recycling/re-use/landfill diversion rates of over 90% on structures of various types. We hate to haul things to a landfill – if there is an economically-viable alternative to "landfilling" material, we use it. We perform both on-site and off-site materials sorting & recycling, preparation of waste management plans (WMPs), preparation of recycling/re-use/landfill diversion documentation, and preparation of documentation for LEED projects.

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